Taxation : Benefit from specialised advisers

Your tax return: make your life more simple

Our clientele consists of company heads, salaried employees, self-employed or retired, who benefit from bespoke advice about the management of their personal tax obligations.

The purpose of our teams’ complete technical assistance is to make our clients feel completely at ease regarding the complexity of the different strategies linked to their tax calculation, the evaluation of revenue or assets, and the preparation of different tax forms, at the same time allowing them to benefit from any available tax optimisation taking account of the current legal schemes.

From this perspective, DIXIT CAUSA is involved in different phases of your personal tax obligations by providing you with the following services:

  • Assistance and advice with the preparation of annual personal French returns (income tax, in particular the additional returns pertaining to real estate and SCIs, Wealth Tax…);
  • An estimate of the French income tax due for a particular year;
  • Verification of the assessment notices when issued and assistance, if needed, related to the payment of tax, provisional accounts or monthly payments…;
  • Follow-up of your personal tax situation: interface with tax authorities and assistance in case a request for information or reclaim is made…

Tax audit: don’t be alone

A tax audit often appears to the taxpayer as a major risk with insuperable consequences.

Contrary to received wisdom, the taxpayer benefits from a significant number of fundamental guarantees during an accounting verification or an Examination of his Personal Tax Situation (ESFP).

Therefore it is not rare to receive a favourable outcome, at least in part, from an adjustment.

From this perspective, DIXIT CAUSA is involved in different phases of the tax audit process as well as the likely challenges to follow by providing you with the following services:

  • Exact information about the different phases of the pre-challenge and challenge process in order to clarify for you the situations that you should manage;
  • Assistance in the strict sense of tax audit: audit, help in preparing responses to the various likely questions posed by the auditor, assistance in person where necessary, management of the audit with your accountant…;
  • Assistance during the pre-challenge phase: we prepare a response to the adjustment proposal, we get involved and negotiate on your behalf within the framework of the hierarchy in order to achieve any potential recourse, we will refer if needed and present the case before the relevant Commissions;
  • Assistance during the challenge phase: we prepare the challenged claim with or without a corresponding request for delayed payment, we manage the correspondence with the different administrations responsible for recovering contested or rectified sums, we prepare the request to refer to the Administrative Court or the summons before the Family Court according to the type of contested tax.