DIXIT CAUSA is dedicated to companies, from small firms to multinationals, French and foreign, listed and non-listed groups.

Among the most representative clients of DIXIT CAUSA, are established leaders in the following areas: fashion industry, real estate, insurance, aeronautic, high technologies.

Our firm also assists French or foreign individuals (executives, independent workers, foreign citizens, retirees…) in connection with their personal tax or legal concerns.


Thanks to the small size of our firm, each professional is highly focused on the client relationship.

Appreciated for its swift responsiveness to clients’ needs, DIXIT CAUSA provides proactive legal assistance in order to achieve the best results for its clients.

Quality, service, global approach, anticipation, determination and ability to respond swiftly to clients’ requirements are among the main values we commit to on a daily basis.

Practice Areas

DIXIT CAUSA lawyers mainly intervene in the following areas:

  • Corporate law
  • Commercial law
  • Contract law
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Labour law
  • Social security law/audit
  • Personal taxation
  • Corporate taxation
  • Asset and wealth taxation
  • International personal taxation
  • Tax audits & litigation
  • International assignment
  • Civil, commercial and social litigation


Particular offers

DIXIT CAUSA’s particular expertise is organized into four main areas, ensuring highest responsiveness and technical quality when dealing with clients’ issues.

The four main areas are as follows:


DIXIT CAUSA can provide a multi-disciplinary team to handle transversal cases.

Particular expertise and offers are described under the appropriate section of this website.

Network / International

DIXIT CAUSA works in partnership with correspondents (lawyers and other experts) in France and abroad when handling cases which require either a local team or an additional expertise (accountants, payroll providers…).

As part of our teams, English-speaking experts assist foreign clients and support clients in their international operations.

In this context, we work closely with independent lawyers and experts in many territories worldwide, including Europe, North America, Australia, Asia and North Africa.

All corresponding firms are well established and well known in their jurisdiction.

Rather than belonging to a formal international network, DIXIT CAUSA choses to work closely with local law firms and professionals recognized in their areas of expertise. This ensures that each case requiring international support is followed up by the most responsive and best suited team.

News: publications & events

Various communication and information tools have been developed: newsletters and alerts are sent to clients concerning areas and news they may be interested in following.

DIXIT CAUSA also regularly organizes technical conferences or round tables on particular topics and news.