International : Ensure your strategy is well governed

International human resources: choose a global approach

We assist Human Resource teams or Financial Directions in handling daily individuals’ international transfers (independent or employees, intra-group mobility or international recruitments…).

The following aspects are thus taken into account, in collaboration with the specialists in their respective area and country: immigration; labour law; social security; personal and patrimonial taxation; corporate tax and international chargeback issues; impacts on payroll and Wages Annual Declaration (DADS); administrative monitoring…

In this perspective, DIXIT CAUSA steps in on a wide range of issues linked to international mobility by guiding you on a variety of matters, notably:

  • Assistance regarding labour law issues linked to international assignments (drafting of employment contracts or assignment letters, audit of the applicable labour law, assistance in the event of a termination in the course of an international transfer…).
  • Analysis of payroll and social security obligations (applicable legislation, social security coverage, costs comparison according to the applicable social security system, “shadow payrolls” implementation and follow-up…);
  • International transfer total cost estimate (including the fiscal and social burdens, possibility of carrying out comparative simulations according to the country and the scenario considered…);
  • Advice regarding remuneration packages structuring in cross-border situations;
  • Assistance relating to the taxation of employment income in cross-border situations (audit and advice concerning employer’s and employee’s tax obligations, double tax treaty provisions application, French expatriate favourable tax measurements, any foreign favourable tax regimes for international workers, tax and social neutralization implementation or monitoring, French tax shelters in case of activities carried out outside of France, calculation of any French withholding taxes and drawing up the forms of the aforesaid declarations, assistance in connection with tax claims or audits relating to the said areas…);
  • Worldwide coordination : our French team can be your sole interlocutor, coordinator of the various specialists worldwide;
  • Support regarding the implementation of international mobility guidelines and process or communication within your group.

Individual taxation issues: offer tailor-made assistance for your expatriates or executives

The assistance provided to our clients varies according to their needs, the conditions of the transfer (context of mobility, contents of the contract…) or to which extent the employer plans to support employees in cross-border situations.

This is where DIXIT CAUSA steps in by providing French or foreign individuals with a wide range of services, notably:

  • Analysis of the personal consequences of an international transfer (place of residence, tax obligations related to the change of home country, advice upon arrival in France or departure from France, application of international tax treaty provisions, explanation concerning Social Security coverage during the transfer, assistance in the possible steps to be taken near the Tax Authorities…) ;
  • Assistance in completing any French annual tax form (income tax, patrimony…);
  • Help in fulfilling the possible personal tax obligations abroad, in collaboration with local specialists;
  • Dealing directly with the French or foreign Tax Authorities;
  • Advice regarding the tax treatment of professional or private foreign source income received by French tax residents, or of French source income received by non French tax residents in accordance with the domestic legislation and any applicable tax treaty;
  • Consideration of patrimony or retirement issues.