Company : Implement an enlightened management

Your new business: make the right choice

Every new business requires a survey upfront in order to determine the corporate form best matched to your projects, your situation or your objectives.

In fact, the entrepreneur can ask himself a large number of questions: should he set up an SARL (limited liability company), an SAS (simplified corporation), an SA (corporation)?

What are the differences pertaining to management, the operating rules or event he cost?

Is it advisable to construct a partnership agreement, what majority rules should be retained? Should provision be made for approval or pre-emption clauses for the sale of shares?

From this perspective, DIXIT CAUSA is involved in different phases of your new business projects by providing you with the following services:

  • A personalised analysis of your situation and goals, particularly regarding the relationships able to be constructed between the different founding partners or as a function of your asset position;
  • Advice as to the choice of the main characteristics which will govern your company, which we will define together (corporate form, amount of paid-up capital, immediately paid-up or not, determination of the majority rules, possible restrictions on the sale of share capital, division of share capital, boards of directors, their nomination and removal, usefulness of agreeing a partner agreement…);
  • A global service concerning the set-up in the strictest sense of your company (the drafting of all the required legal documents for the set-up of your company as well as follow up with all the related formalities for the clerk of the Commercial Court and of the Corporate Tax Office, the filing of your brand with the National Industrial Property Institute…);
  • Assistance throughout the life of your company with advice as to the choice of any restructuring which could be required, ensure the shareholder meeting and/or the share movement register is accurately kept, the drafting of all the necessary legal documents relating to corporate law (approval of accounts, headquarter transfer, sale of shares, sale of rights, change of corporate officer…).

Your company management: equip yourself to succeed

We assist managers and chief executives with the package of legal services to allow them to best manage their relationships with partners, suppliers, clients, associates or employees.

The DIXIT CAUSA practice’s service is in this respect global and continuous in order to best safeguard your company’s development.

From this perspective, DIXIT CAUSA can help the chief executive with all the problems he can encounter by offering the following services:

  • Advice to safeguard the main contracts of your business (assessment, negotiation and drafting of all types of contracts);
  • Assistance regarding corporate law for a simple and efficient follow-up of the legal registers (Annual Meeting register, share movement register, employee register, individual shareholder file, Board, SAS Executive Committee…);
  • Advice and assistance with employee relations in the company (drafting of employment contracts, implementation of elections of employee representatives, redundancy procedure or standard termination of employment contract, litigation procedures before the Tribunal…)
  • Assistance with litigations within French jurisdictions (receivables recovery, civil or commercial litigation…)